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Cantilever unloader/palletizer
Performance characteristics
1. The machine is suitable for supporting 40,000 turnover box unloading/palletizing production lines, 50,000 cartons or plastic bags palletizing production lines.
2. The machine adopts double-grabber rotary unloading/stacking mode, which has simple structure, smooth operation and high production efficiency, and adopts unique cable-stayed steel.
Silk rope compensation structure, safe and reliable
3. The control system of this model adopts German Siemens S7300 control system, which is stable and reliable.
4. The drive motors are all driven by German SEW asynchronous servo system, which runs fast, starts and stops at high speed and is stable and reliable.

Data reference
Name /Name
Cantilever palletizer and depalletizer machine
Model /Mode
Production capacity/Productivity
360 Layers/Hour (300 kg/Layer)
Adapt to Product/Product Type
Carton/plastic bag/turnover box
Total power of equipment
Compressed air
Gas flow/air flow
Equipment Weight/Weight

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