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Cold Glue Labeling Machine
Product introduction
Performance characteristics
Carbon steel or all stainless steel can be selected for benchmarking station
The body, back label station and bracket turntable are equipped with a set of pumping station automatic oil supply and circulation porcine bone. The pumping station has the function of pressure flow control and detection.
This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PL control. It has a wide range of speed regulation and stable and reliable speed regulation.
Strong system function and high degree of automation
Display production process, shift output, productivity, alarm information and dynamic operation screen
Data reference
Weighing rotary automatic labeling machine
Rotary automatic labeling machine
Rotary automatic labeling machine
No. mB0 cold glue labeling machine LTB0 cold glue labeling machine mTB1-02 cold glue labeling machine
-90mm height
Diameter: 50-90mn height: 150-diameter: 50-90m height: 150
Number of labels three (body, neck, back) three (body, neck, back) three (body, neck, back) three (body, neck, back)
Width of label paper
[length * width * height]
Porphyrin size
20mm*1800mm m 2Dmm
2000 mm*2000 mm*2000

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