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Cold Glue Labeling Machine
Performance characteristics
1. The first beer bottle tray positioning label in China
Advanced Manufacturing Technology of All Stainless Steel Precision Casting for Bid 2 Station
3. Pumping stations with automatic oil supply and circulation lubrication are equipped with body, back label station and bracket turntable. Pumping stations have the function of pressure and flow control and detection.
4. Bearings, bushings, lifting screw and so on in all rotating parts are equipped with lubrication points, which can be injected regularly and automatically through centralized lubrication pumping stations.
Grease, easy to lubricate
5. The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control. The speed regulation range is wide, the speed regulation is stable and reliable, the programmable control function is strong, and the automation degree is high.
The Ethernet module can be selected to realize the on-line control of ethernet.
6. Touch screen dynamically displays production process, shift output, productivity, alarm information and dynamic operation screen.
The machine has the functions of bottle entry protection, bottle discharge stacking protection, host overload protection, safety door opening and parking protection, and has the automatic lifting and lifting of bottles.
Data Reference Data
Name /Name
Rotary Automatic Labeling Machine Rotary Automatic Labeling Machine
Rotary automatic labeling machine
Model /ode
DLTB-036 cold glue labeling machine DLTB-L045 cold glue labeling machine DLTB-L-054 cold glue labeling machine
Adapt to bottle specifications / Bottle size
Diameter 50~90m
Height: 150-300 mm
Gao is 500m.
Production capacity
4000-43000 bottles/hour
4000-50000 bottles/hour
4000-60000 bottles/hour
Number of labels / abeling quantity
Four labels, five back labels) Four body labels, four neck back labels (top labels, body and neck back labels)
Number of heads acquiring labels
Number of head pinch devices / Number of heads pick-up labels
Number of propping/pressing heads
Label width
Paper box capacity / Capacity of label paper box
10000 sheets
10000 sheets
10000 sheets
Air drift pressure/Air pressu
Gas flow/air flow
Motor Power Main Motor Power
10000Kg (total)
12 000 Kg (total weight)
Shape size / Dimensions
Long x width x height)
Length x width x height
(Long x wide x high)
000 mm x 3000 mm x 2500 mm x 3500 mm x 3500 mm x 2500 mm x 3500 mm x 2500 mm x 3500 mm x 2500 mm x 2500 mm

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