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2019-04-13 10:40    

The 13th China Wine and Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition, 2018CBB, was successfully concluded in Shanghai New Expo Center on October 27. The CBB exhibition was brilliant on the spot and attracted many professional manufacturers and professionals to come and guide.
Among the new products brought by our company at this exhibition, more and more customers pay attention to them.
Model DLTB-MK-060 Modular Labeling Machine

1. Suitable for supporting 4000-60000 bottles/hour production line, using advanced combination labeling concept, realized a machine to paste cold glue, non-drying glue, hot melt glue trademark combination switch.
2. Servo motors are used to drive the tender station part and the main engine turntable part respectively. Free docking and separation of the tender station and the turntable part are realized. Modular combination facilitates variety switching and equipment maintenance.
3. Adopt bottom lifting bottle height adjustment mode to make lifting more stable and reliable.
4. All stainless steel standard stations are used in cold rubber standard stations.
5. Automatic control, the system adopts SEW or Begaley control system.
II. DKBX-KZ-200 Six-pack Packaging Machine

1. The ratchet paper-sucking mechanism is stable and reliable.
2. Origami mechanism adopts curve wheel structure to form actively, which is stable and controllable.
3. The main engine adopts full servo drive and SEW motion controller.
4. Paper insertion mechanism adopts modular design, which can realize rapid replacement.
5. Paper-cardboard packaging, environmentally friendly and efficient.
3. DLMD-MP-001 fully automatic empty bottle code/unloader

1. The stacker first collects the bulk bottles into a whole layer, then transfers the collected bottles to the pallet through a special airbag grasp, and then transfers the partition board to the whole layer of bottles through the partition grasp.
IV. DLGZ-CJ-018-06 Automatic Rotary Long Pipe Filling and Extrusion (Rotary/Pressing) Cover Machine

1. The gas distributor, liquid distributor, filling valve and sealing of all pipeline systems of this machine adopt advanced sealing structure, high-quality food-grade stainless steel materials, and all seals adopt high-quality food-grade seals.
2. All components in contact with liquor are made of stainless steel 304 and rust-proof and corrosion-proof materials, which are not corroded by liquor. 3. All nylon parts, such as star wheel, guide plate, guardrail and bottle entry screw, are made of macromolecule material, which is heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and non-deformable.
4. Lubrication points are designed at all rotating and sliding friction points of the machine, and all lubrication points are regularly refueled by centralized automatic control lubrication system.
5. The operation panel adopts suspended pendulum arm structure, which can be rotated in multiple positions. The operation panel adopts touch screen display operation function and button switch auxiliary operation function.
V. DLGZ-YG-001 Swing Cover Press

1. The capping machine is a swing capping machine, which is suitable for handling the requirements of various swing caps. It can quickly and conveniently arrange the bottles of the swing caps in the same direction and press the caps through special mechanisms.
2. The machine can run continuously. The speed control system will automatically adjust the speed of the machine according to the flow condition of the container in the import and export parts. When the container on the conveyor belt enters the machine, the feeding star wheel separates the container according to the correct spacing and transmits it in the same direction to the firmly clamped container of the synchronous belt, and then carries on the pressure cap.
Leader of Industrial Association and Chairman of Qingdao Delong

Leaders of well-known enterprises come to the booth to communicate with our leaders

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A passionate team, because of concentration, so professional.
CBB 2018 has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you very much for the support of many well-known brands. During your busy schedule, you will come to our product exhibition. Qingdao Delong will make your ideal expectations come true. Looking ahead, we will do a better job.

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