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Warmly congratulate Qingdao Delong automatic servo positioni

2019-04-15 02:59    

April is full of spring and everything is renewed. Qingdao Delong Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed the inspection and guidance of the leaders and experts of the liquor giant Maotai Liquor Factory in China. They shouldered the mission of revitalizing the national industry. They carried out round after round inspection and verification of various labeling machines and packaging equipment throughout the country. Finally, it was determined that Qingdao Delong Technology Co., Ltd. would undertake the production of the automatic labeling machine of Guizhou Maotai Liquor Factory. Task.
After arriving in Qingdao, a group of leading experts made a quick inspection and acceptance of all kinds of equipment regardless of the fatigue of the journey, which fully demonstrated the spirit and working style of a century-old enterprise and opened a broader vision for the continuous improvement of our Delong enterprise culture. After the unanimous appraisal by several experts of Maotai distillery, Delong Qingdao met the expectations and passed the strict professional acceptance of Maotai distillery smoothly.
We got the quality certificate of Budweiser Beer Headquarters in 2006, which was approved by the beer giants. Today, we have passed the professional acceptance of Maotai Liquor Factory, which has been recognized by Maotai Liquor Factory, the liquor giant. April 9, 2019 is destined to be a glorious day in Qingdao Delong's history.
Praise for Delong, praise for every diligent Delong people.

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