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Take advantage of the momentum, climb the peak again--Warmly

2019-05-25 09:04    

Warmly congratulate the third factory of Qingdao Brewery Group on joining hands with Qingdao Delong to complete the completion and commissioning of the 50,000 bottled beer line project
"Never forget the past, create the future and move forward". May 7, 2019 is another memorable day for Delong people. The 50,000 bottled line designed and installed by Qingdao Delong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and its related brothers for the Third Qingdao Beer Factory has been completed and put into operation. Our company's dry packing equipment line includes: automatic bottle unloading stacker, automatic cold glue labeling machine, automatic sorting machine, relay stacker and other equipment running smoothly, highly recognized and praised by the leadership of Green Beer.
The leaders of the Third Green Beer Plant attached great importance to the completion ceremony. The scene was decorated solemnly and festivally. The red lanterns were hung up, which symbolized the prosperity of Delong's and Green Beer's undertakings. The colorful balloons were flying happily, indicating that the future cooperation between the two sides would be more pleasant and diversified. People's faces were filled with smiles, which were from their hearts after the sweat of sincerity and effort. Joy.
"Millions of litres of outstanding partners in the expansion project", our Qingdao Delong Machinery can be recognized by Tsingtao Beer, which has global influence, is the strongest affirmation of our Delong people's journey to pursue their dreams in more than 20 years.
With the continuous development of enterprises and the tide of the development of the motherland, we believe that Delong will have a broader space to pursue the dream of the development of national enterprises, take advantage of the momentum, and then climb to the peak.


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