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Pass-through automatic packing
Performance characteristics
1. Fast packing speed, suitable for different specifications of products, adjustable tension, tension automatic balance
2. Strong structure, smooth operation, concise and reasonable structure, long service life.
3. Programmable control, reliable performance, easy operation, a variety of programs suitable for different positions of binding.
4. Height control mode: photoelectric detection of cargo height, and program switching.
5. Humanized operation menu, all parameters can be set through touch screen, easy to operate.
6. It has the function of vertical displacement protection to ensure the safety of equipment operation.
7. Equipped with no-load early warning of travelling car to reduce downtime

Data reference
Name /Name
Pass-type full automatic strapper
Power/Power Source
Three-phase and five-wire configuration of 3PAC380V50Hz 25KW standard
Single-lap packing time / Packaging Time for One Round
9S per lap
Vertical Displacement Speed
Movable Head/Movable Mechanics
Maximum moving speed of 400 mm in horizontal direction is 100 mm/
Minimum Packaging Height
90 mm above the conveyor line and 250 mm above the ground
Maximum Packaging Height
Up to 1675 mm, 2175 mm
Gas Source Requirements/Air Source
Quantity / eight
(long XX high) 2300mm * 4000mm * 2200mm

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