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 Group Introduction

Since its establishment in 1995, Qingdao Delong has always adhered to the fine tradition of innovation and development, and won the trust and respect of customers by relying on technology and services. After the labeling machine has developed into a professional and multi-industry field and has become the classic of the labeling market of special-shaped bottles in China, it should meet the changing customer needs, optimize product structure, introduce and absorb the concept of fluid packaging equipment at home and abroad, and gradually realize the diversification of related products on the premise of stable professional status of labeling machine.
At present, Qingdao Delong has become a professional manufacturer in the field of high, medium and low-speed multi-functional cold (hot) labeling, which can meet the requirements of round, square, flat, tapered, spherical and positioning bottles at the same time. With the successful operation of code/unloading (bottle/tank) stamping machine, bottle punching machine, filling and extruding (spinning/pressing) capping machine, fully automatic carton and box equipment, sorting machine, robot stacking/unloading equipment, laser jet coder, a real solution of fluid packaging equipment has matured.
The establishment of Qingdao Delong Group explains the rapid growth of Delong. Filter, filter membrane (core), fresh beer cleaning and filling production line, stainless steel beer barrel, oak barrel, trademark glue, CNC gear hobbing machine, plastic tray and other products, can let you feel Delong quickly adapt to market changes, constantly pursuing innovation, focusing on quality and differentiated services; Staying in Delong Seascape Hotel in Sanqingdao can let you truly experience warmth and hospitality. Shandong, really feel the warm culture of Delong family.
Virtue is the world, and Jiuzhou is prosperous. Good deeds and good deeds make business prosperous! Delong people will continue to adhere to the enterprise development concept of "first being a person, then doing things; first serving, then selling", focusing on the technology of China's fluid packaging equipment as its own responsibility, to provide China's beer, liquor, wine, beverage, medicine, brewing and other industries with no time for products and services.

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