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The company has more than 230 full-time employees.

Yu Ren, for many years, the company has attached great importance to the development of new products and the training of technical personnel.
Over the years, the company now has four senior engineers, more than 20 engineers and technicians who have been engaged in mechanical research for many years and have rich experience.
More than 40 teachers. The new talent echelon has signed agreements with Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. Qingdao University of Science and Technology is regarded as a company.
The research base of production science has effectively guaranteed the company's stamina.
Line employees also take to establish close contact with Vocational and Technical Civil Academy, send fitters, electricians, machine workers, to ensure the high quality of grass-roots employees.

Guarantee of product quality
All products have formulated detailed and reasonable manufacturing process and inspection standards to strictly control the assembly process, and timely improvement based on customer feedback.
Before each labeling machine leaves the factory, the special debugging and inspection team carries on the repeated inspection to the labeling machine, achieves the good state of the machine.
Product service
Long's service quality and attitude are well-known throughout the industry.
Service extension
In order to serve the labeling machine users, the company has set up a labeling machine training school to train professionals for the labeling machine industry on the basis of meeting the needs of users.

In 2003, it passed IO9001:2000 Quality System Certification in the same industry in China
Winning the Gold Medal Supplier of Zhongpu Wine Liquor in 2008
Winning Chinese Wine in 2013
Supplier (Packaging Equipment Manufacturer)
Qingdao Beer Excellent Partner
Class A Agent Store for Robot Series Products
Comprehensive Sales Volume of Middle-sized Labeling Machine (Large, Medium and Small)
Island Beer 100% designated manufacturer
The market share of liquor industry is over 70%.
The first rotary four-labeling machine in Zhongyuan from 3000 bottles per hour to 12000 bottles per hour
First Rotary Flat Bottle Labeling Machine in Zhongyuan
China's First Location Labeling Machine
The first 36,000 bottles/hour labeling machine in Zhongyuan Liquor Production Line
China is involved in labeling machine manufacturers in beer, liquor, wine, rice wine, medicine and brewing industries.

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