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Warmly welcome the success of Delong Group website online!

Acquaintance is due to fate, acquaintance to sincerity

I'm grateful, dear Delon's friends!
I am grateful for our passionate and energetic team.
In every step of the development and growth of Delong Company, your care and love are condensed.
I am grateful to those wise men who have taught us;
I am grateful to God, our food and clothing parents, for our rapid growth.
I am grateful to our progressive competitors.
I am grateful to our partners who have experienced storms and shared fruitful results with us.
We always adhere to the principle of "first be a man, then do things; first serve, then sell".
I am grateful for helping each other, so that Delong steadily forward friends both at home and abroad! 
We are eager to cooperate and win-win.
Competition and cooperation interact in today's society. Opportunities and challenges coexist. We not only participate in competition, but also pursue cooperation. We look forward to working together with our partners to achieve common development.
Virtue world, Longxing Kyushu!
Good deeds and good deeds make business prosperous!
Looking ahead, we will do better...

                                                                                                              President: Wang Zukun

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