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Qingdao Delong De goes all over the world, Longxing Jiuzhou
Delong, founded in 1995, is a dedicated team with
A kind of persistence, shouldering a mission: the pursuit of providing customers with value-added
Products, differentiated services and excellent quality with core competitiveness.  because
For: All Delong people's understanding of quality has been sublimated to a higher level:
It is not the merit of competition, but the necessity.
Twenty years of experience, so that the Delong people continue to realize that "there is a payout there is"
Delong, a passionate team: professional because of concentration
Because of such a team, Delong made all of them know Delong, Xin Delong and recognize Delong.
People moved!
Today Delong has won many well-known domestic and world enterprises, including
Support and Trust of Several Fortune 500 Enterprises in the World
Today Delong is wonderful because of your support. Delong includes you.
More than 1000 excellent partners grow fast with trust
Tomorrow Delong undertakes such a mission to provide you with one of the world's advanced levels.
Fluid packaging equipment and professional solutions!
Corporate Culture Society
Delong, make your ideal expectation come true
Delong, look forward to traveling with you!
corporate culture
Company tenet: to be a man before doing things
Business philosophy: service before sales
Four Clear Spirits of Enterprise Development
Quality: Craftsman Spirit, Keeping Improvement
Service: nanny spirit, meticulous
Sales: Cone Spirit
Innovation: The first spirit to eat crabs, dare to be the first in the world

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