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1. Founded in 1995, the company mainly produces labeling machines and accessories.

2. In the workshop leased by Qingdao Institute of Construction and Technology, the technological breakthrough of changing the first 2-mark machine into 4-mark machine in China has been achieved, and the goal of making labeling machine parts into the whole machine has also been achieved, which has laid a solid foundation for the production of labeling machine in the future.

3. With the rapid development of the company, in 2000, the company expropriated 15 mu of land in Shinan Industrial Park. With its own advantages and excellent products and the support of its partners, Delong has obtained ISO 9001 quality system certification in the same industry, entered the supplier of Baiwei high-speed positioning labeling machine in the United States, and became an expert in solving special-shaped bottle schemes, and integrated labeling machine in large, medium and small scales. Sales realized.

4. In 2012, it moved to Rimei Industrial Park in Ligezhuang, Jiaozhou, Qingdao. The original factory retained the production line of fresh beer, the production of fresh beer barrels, gear hobbing machines and adhesives. In the new factory, the processing, production and production of dry packaging equipment, labeling machine, packing machine and robotic palletizer have been carried out. The development vision of Delong people's continuous pursuit of technology, quality priority and excellent service has been realized. The grand goal of "doing labeling machine in China with concentration and specialty" has been achieved, and the output value has exceeded 100 million yuan.

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